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I’m an economist passionate about industrial ogranization and political economics. In a valiant effort to spend as much time as possible on matters other than work, I maintain active interest in science, technology, sports, literature, and movies.

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Simplifying Stock Price Pulls with Quantmod in R

While I must say that the quantmod package for R is quite handy, one of the things I find a little inconvenient is that providing a vector of \(n\) tickers doesn't return a data frame of prices but instead creates \(n\) objects with OHLC data for each ticker.

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R Quantmod Chart

Opera Internet Browser

Fixing Tab Switching Behavior in Opera

I am aware that my attachment to the Opera browser ever since its fifth iteration back in 2000 puts me in a minority group of internet users. However, over the years I had grown to enjoy the built-in features and smoothness of browsing experience and despite trying to like both Firefox and Chrome I always kept going back to trusty old Opera. Ever since Opera's jump on the WebKit bandwagon, however, a lot of the defining characterisics of the browser disappeared.

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Foam Core Insert for Agricola

As it happens all too often, I found inspiration on reddit a couple of weeks ago to create a foam core insert for our Agricola box. The good people at /r/boardgames posted a link to an album for an insert that snuggly fits all game pieces and cards while also providing a detachable tray for the resource pieces.

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Coconut Ice-cream Recipe